With an extensive selection of educational programs for endoscopy, Olympus University is a convenient way for nurses, technicians, biomedical engineers, administrators and materials managers to further their knowledge of GI and surgical instrument procedures. We offer nursing contact hour accredited live courses across the U.S., sponsored webinars, and certificate courses for reprocessing and endoscope training. Recognizing that both nurses and technicians have educational needs, Olympus University is continually updating the course materials and the curriculum for our customers.

Specific topics include infection control, reducing the risk of cross contamination, and other adverse events related to the reprocessing of flexible endoscopes and surgical instruments. To speak with an Olympus University Educational Coordinator, please call 800-231-0016.
08/03/2015Center Valley, PAOER-Pro Biomedical Repair Service School
08/11/2015Hudson, Fl205: Pancreatic Anatomy & Physiology
08/12/2015Naperville, IL205: Pancreatic Anatomy & Physiology
08/12/2015Billings, MT206: Stenting Application and Intervention
08/14/2015Baltimore, MD205: Pancreatic Anatomy & Physiology
08/14/2015Baltimore, MD204: ERCP Procedure


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